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'Remember; no fear, no envy, no meanness." -L. Clancy-

I love clay because of the role it has played in shaping society and supporting the development of civilization. Since the beginning of humanity, people have been forming clay and putting it in fire to create vessels that hold their life's water and food. Creating with clay requires an understanding and respect of all four elements and when working with these materials I feel connected to the earth, the past, and to humankind

I currently work out of my studio in Belchertown, MA. I also teach Ceramics and Sculpture at Chicopee Comprehensive High School. I am so grateful that I get to share my passion daily with my students and other potters who are a constant source of motivation and inspiration. When I am not working with clay I enjoy singing, riding my bike, climbing rocks, floating in lakes, eating homemade pizza, floral patterned dresses, and trying to make the people I love smile.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me here, I am forever grateful. If you purchased one of my pieces I hope that it becomes a welcome part of your life and serves as a reminder of things that are good and beautiful.

xoxo Brita 


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